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Kato Pocket Line Tram on 4.5” Radius Curves

A look at the Kato Pocket Line Tram and how it runs on the 4 5/8” radius curves that I will have on the top level of my new project layout. These trams may lack detail, but they run great, and you can buy them for less than $40 (plus shipping).

Pocket Line Trams on eBay:

Kato Pocket Line Trains at Plaza Japan:

You can watch the short video review of the Kato tram below and see that it handles the 4 5/8" radius curves without any issues. I plan to use this tram on my new 2'x4' project layout and likely will use the second tram on another project layout.

I will have to see how the tram holds up over time, but at this point, it seems like a great buy.

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