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An Easy-To-Use Small 3D Printer that is Great for Making Small Detail Parts

Make as many model detail parts or complete small models as you want with the Kokoni EC1 3D Printer. This incredibly compact and easy-to-use 3D printer comes fully assembled, requires no bed leveling, and is so compact it will fit almost anywhere. I’ve been making dozens of model detail parts for my model train projects with this printer, and even a complete 50’ N Scale boxcar. You don’t need a computer as you control everything from your phone. This is a great printer if you need to make small model parts and can also be a great printer for kids to use as it uses non-toxic PLA filament and is easy to control via an app on your phone or tablet. Small resin printers will do better with fine details on very small figures and vehicles than this filament printer and obviously this printer can’t print large items. But, it works great for most of things I need to printer for my model train projects.

Buy Kokoni EC1 3D Printer:

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Full video review below:

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Maurice Grimes
Maurice Grimes
Oct 26, 2023

There is one thing I don't understand. If I have to upload the design to their website/ cloud server, what happens if they go out of business? Do I then have an expensive door-stop?


Oct 10, 2023

Well, another enjoyable video and a product to think about! Very much. Looking forward to a follow up video. Thanks, Steve.

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