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The Mine for the Big Pine Mine Layout

The small On30 Big Pine Mine Railroad finally has a mine! I built the mine using the Little Creek Mining Company kit from Banta Model Works. This kit has some laser cut panels, but mostly it is a box of strip wood from which you build up segments of the structures using included jigs and templates. The process requires a lot of cutting and gluing, but the kit is designed well and the included jigs and templates make it easy to build everything and end up with a great looking kit.

If you want a structure to look like it is made out of wood, you get a much better result when you actually make it out of wood! Simply staining the parts before assembly results in a great looking kit without any additional work. I’ll eventually add some weathering to kit, but will do that when I finish up the scenery work on this project.

Look for the final video on this layout build later this summer.

►The Mine Kit—Little Creek Mining Company:

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You can watch the full video on building the mine below.

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