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My Workspace and How I Make My Videos

In my video this week, I do a quick behind-the-scenes tour of my work space, my YouTube video recording setup, and how I currently edit my videos. I currently record all my videos using an iPhone 15 Pro, but with the phone in a SmallRig cage with a bunch of stuff attached to it. I have my equipment list below if you want to check out any of the items I use. Note that these are all Amazon Affiliate links. You might find better prices at places like B&H Photo on some of these.

Equipment List:

►SmallRig Phone Cage:

►My Manfrotto tripod (overkill for just a phone):

►Current version of my Shure microphone:

These were the accessories I used to try to get everything attached to the cage above. I ended up using the phone mount for the SSD and USB hub and the SSD mount for the battery:

►2pack phone mount:

►SSD mount bracket:

►Mount screws (for attaching mounts to cage):

►Short USB C cable (I used 3):

►Anker Battery (any will do):

►Reusable Cable Ties (for organization):

►Mini plate (probably not needed but another way to mount things):

A couple of options if you need more storage or for video transfers (any small one will do):

►Samsung T7 SSD:

►SanDisk SSD:

►My Newer video lights (this version has no stand):

►The ceiling mounts I used with the lights:

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Feb 13

Great, it is no small wonder as to why your videos are such a pleasure to watch! Thank you, Bob

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