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Cure Train Blindness // Choo Choo Vision Camera

Do you wish your model trains could see? Add a Choo Choo Vision camera and get live cab views from your locomotive. This week’s video looks at how it performs and compares to a cheap $20 camera off Amazon and why you might want to pay a lot more for the Choo Choo Vision camera.

The camera works well for live views from your locomotive and can allow you to operate your locomotive as if you were in the cab. The video streams over WiFi and so the quality isn’t as great as in other cameras with built in memory cards, but the live view is pretty fun and can add a lot to an operating session. The big caveat here with this camera is that you need really good WiFi coverage of your layout. I moved one of my three Eero access points into the garage so I would get a better signal and better video from the camera.

Choo Choo Vision isn’t the best option if you just want video of your layout, but it is a great one if you want to see live views from the front of your locomotive without having to push around a flatcar with a camera on it.

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Cheap $20 camera:

Eero WiFi Mesh Network system:

Watch the full video below.

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