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Choo Choo Vision Camera Improvements!

The ChooChoo Vision cameras have been improved with higher resolution sensors and better software! You can now view as many as six live camera views at one time on one screen. These cameras are a lot of fun to use, and being able to use multiple cameras at one time allows for a lot of possiblities. You could even have three forward and three rear facing cameras on a locomotive, left front, front center, right front, left rear, rear center, and right rear to simulate views out of the front and side cab windows as well multiple rear views. This way you could see not just straight ahead, but also to the side of any rolling stock you are pushing or pulling. Or, you could have cameras in hidden staging yards or other locations you can’t readily see, or simply have live views from multiple trains, which would making passing situations a lot more interesting.

Watch the video on the upgraded cameras below.

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