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Building a Two-Sided Reversible Train Layout from Start to Finish

A tutorial on how I built this 42” x 62” two-sided O gauge layout. One side is set up as a winter scene so I can put the layout under the Christmas tree. The other side of the layout is a summer scene I set up to work with our Lego Hogwarts castle. Our Lionel Hogwarts Express train set looks great running on either side of the layout. I used the Lionel track that came with the Hogwarts Express train set on the winter side, and used Atlas O36 curves, three straight sections, and one terminal section on the summer side. The layout is designed to fit under our Christmas tree during the holiday season, and can then be flipped over for the remainder of the year. We plan to use Lego buildings to create a Christmas village on the winter side, and can display our Lego Hogwarts Castle on the summer side.

Watch the video below to see how I built this reversible layout.

Lego Hogwarts Castle:

Buy the Hogwarts Express set here:

With dementors car:

Polar Express:

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28. Nov. 2023

WOW very clever and such a great idea..! Your videos are such a pleasure to watch.

Gefällt mir
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