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Building a 2'x4' N Scale Layout from Start to Finish

The video at the bottom of the post is a compilation of the many-part tutorial series on building this 2'x4' N scale layout. I've stripped out the beginnings, endings, recaps, and some other random bits to condense down the total watch time, but it is still about 2.5 hours long.

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Note that the structure placement and sizes varied significantly by the end of construction from what was shown in this initial plan.

See the track laying blog post for more details: 

TRACK LISTING Note that while I have amazon affiliate links for most products, often you can find them at hobby retailers for cheaper. I like and but check other stores as well. Note that as an Amazon affiliate, I receive a commission on any sales made through those links.

Number of pieces, track item, Amazon link

-15 Kato Unitrack 20000 straight 9.76" (9 3/4")

-5 Kato Unitrack 20020 straight 4.88" (4 7/8")

-2 Kato Unitrack 20030 straight 2.52" (2 1/2")

-7 Kato Unitrack 20040 straight 2.44" (2 7/16")

-4 Kato Unitrack 20048 bumper 1.99"

-4 Kato Unitrack 20070 straight 1.79" (in track assortment)

-1 Kato Unitrack 20071 straight 1.14" (in track assortment)

-12 Kato Unitrack 20100 curve radius 9.8" (9 3/4") angle 45°

-4 Kato Unitrack 20101 curve radius 9.8" angle 15°

-8 Kato Unitrack 20110 curve radius 11" angle 45°

-5 Kato Unitrack 20170 curve radius 8.5" angle 45°

-2 Kato Unitrack 20171 curve radius 8.5" angle 15°

-8 Kato Unitrack 20176 curve radius 4.61" (4 5/8") angle 45°

-4 Kato Unitrack 20203 Right hand turnout 7.32"

-1 Kato Unitrack 20222 Wye turnout 4.96"


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Watch the full 2.5-hour video below showing the construction of the layout from start to finish.

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