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Finishing up the Wiring on the 2x4 N Scale Layout

I finally finished up the wiring on the 2x4 N Scale project layout. Ok, I have a little bit of wiring to finish up on the top level tram loop, but I plan to integrate the simple control for that tram into a building (I might even make the controls look like rooftop vents or something like that). I've started thinking about making that top module fully self contained, so you could take it off and display it on a table by itself or something like that, and then have different tops to put in that spot. Maybe a forested mountain or different structures. Anyway, I'm getting off topic. The image below shows the wiring diagram for the layout and it should help clarify what I'm doing with the wiring. I plan to put a copy in a sheet protector and keep it inside the layout to help me troubleshoot any wiring issues that might crop up.

You can download the wiring diagram in PDF version below.

Download PDF • 1.18MB

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You can watch the full video below on how I finished up the wiring.

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