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Adding DC Control to a DCC only layout

I added an Apollo DC controller to my 1’x5’ N Scale switching layout, which previously had only DCC control. It is simple to add DC control to a simple layout. All you need to do is obtain a DPDT (double-pole-double-throw) toggle switch. Simply connect the DC controller output to one side of the DPDT switch, your DCC output to the other side, and wire the two center terminals to your layout. Then, simply flip the switch to determine whether the DC or DCC system output is powering your layout.

These Apollo controls are very pretty to look at and have a remarkably clean and sleek circuit board on the back of the panel. They will work with any 5-12 volt DC power supply that has a 2.5 mm jack. I already happened to have one on hand, but I have a link below to one that looks like it would work. Anyway, if you are looking for a panel-mounted DC controller, these Apollo controllers are a nice option.

►Apollo DC Controllers:

(Note, you will need to supply a 12V power supply with a 2.5mm plug. Something like this might work, but you may already have one laying around the house like I did:

►Toggle Switches:

►Toggle Switch Panel:

►DCC PowerCab system:

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You can watch the full video below.

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