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A 24" Diameter N Scale Micro Layout

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A small N scale display layout.

One of my layout projects in late 2016 and early 2017 was a 24" diameter N scale micro layout. The layout was built on a 24" diameter pine tabletop that I purchased from a local Home Depot store. Layers of 1" thick foam insulation board were then glued and nailed to the wood table top, carved and covered with lightweight patching plaster.

The track is all Kato Unitrack and is mostly 9 3/4" radius curves, but there are a couple of 8.5" radius curve sections as well. The bridge is a 9 3/4" radius Kato Unitrack viaduct section.

The scenery was fairly simple on this layout. The foam was painted with tan-colored latex paint. When that dried the layout was painted with full-strength white glue, with a commercial sifted dirt product added. A layer of ground foam was added (Woodland Scenics) followed by a layer of static grass (Woodland Scenics). A variety of trees were added, but almost all of them are of the wire bottle brush type for durability since the layout will be moved frequently.

The water was mostly produced by painting on multiple layers of gloss Mod Podge (about 8-10 layers) with Woodland Scenics Water Effects used for the waterfall.

The layout is controlled by a power supply designed for Z scale layouts that can use either a wall power adapter or 8 AAA batteries. The power pack puts out a maximum of 10 volts DC at close to one amp, which is adequate for most N scale locomotives.

Here are more photos of the layout with a link to the video of the layout at the bottom of the page.

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