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What is the Best Scale for You?

In this latest video, I look at some decisions you might to help determine the best scale of model trains for you. There are many to choose from, and while smaller scales can be better for smaller spaces, they can also allow you to model long sections of mainline in a larger space. On the other hand, you can still pick a large scale, like O scale or even G scale to run in a small space if you are content with a smaller switching layout, or very tight curves that will limit the types of equipment you can run.

Here is my decision-making chart from the video. This is meant to be fun and is certainly not a comprehensive chart. But, maybe it will help spark some ideas. I'm also not including every scale, like S scale, here, because those have less availability, and I can't include everything without making this overly complex. But, you could certainly use S scale instead of either HO or O scale. TT scale, in between N and HO is always an option as well, but generally has limited availability. While I don't have OO scale listed, OO is close enough to HO (and uses the same gauge of track) to be used interchangeably here.

You can watch the full video below.

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