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The 2019 Donation Layout

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A small N scale layout built for a school fundraising auction.

This layout was built during March and April 2019 for a silent auction fundraiser at my son's elementary school. This layout was very similar to my 24” round micro-layout built and sold previously and featured a single loop of track with a couple of bridges, a river and a couple of lighted structures.

I used the locomotive and passenger cars from a Bachmann Durango & Silverton N scale train set with the layout, though I replaced the couplers with Micro Train couplers for better reliability. Instead of the Bachmann track, I used a mix of 9 3/4” and 8 1/12” radius curved track from Kato, along with a 9 3/4” radius curved viaduct section of track for the larger bridge.

The base of the layout is a 24” round table top picked up for several dollars from Home Depot, and most of the scenery was built up using foam insulation board covered with sculptamold. The river was created using several layers of gloss medium followed by some Woodland Scenics Water Effects for the ripples and waves. Ground cover is mostly static grass, with some ground foam applied as well. I primarily used wire-framed evergreen trees from Timberline Scenery for durability.

The interior of the tunnel was also carved and painted and there is a viewing window to see inside the tunnel on the back of the layout. My son and I also carved out part of the side of the layout and embedded a plastic dinosaur skeleton into some plaster to look like a dinosaur fossil. Part of the skull is visible along the side of the river near the edge of the layout as well.

The layout is operated using a small Rokuhan controller than can power the layout by either battery or from an AC wall adapter.

You can see more photos of the layout below along with a timelapse video of the layout construction at the bottom of the page.

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