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New Legs for the 2x4 Layout

I replaced the temporary wood legs on the 2’x4’ N Scale Layout with nice steel legs that look better and are much sturdier. These legs were relatively cheap as far as steel legs go, costing just over $100. These are a lot cheaper than the steel legs I used on the 3'x5' N Scale layout a few years ago. The quality is not bad, but there is some debris inside the legs that slides around, most likely from the welding process.

There are two holes on the bottom of each leg for leveling feet, but the threaded holes extend up inside the tubuluar legs, so you can't shake out the debris through them. If it bugs you, you will have to drill another hole and try to get the debris out that way. Obviously, you aren't going to hear anything sliding around inside the legs unless you start tilting them back and forth which isn't something you will do once they are installed.

I have similar shaped legs on a pair of wood benches in our house that cost about 10x as much (well that included the planks of hickory wood) and those are significantly thicker gauge steel than these (and thus much heavier). These are fairly light weight, thin gauge steel. They will still support a lot of weight, and more than the previous wood legs would, and are designed to be used on a dining table or desk.

I'm pleased with them overall. These aren't super high quality, but I think are more than adequate for this purpose, and I like the industrial look. The whole layout will look better once I put the polyurethane on the layout sides.

I bought the legs here:

Same from Amazon:

Note that many sizes are offered, so be careful in selecting the correct size for your application.

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You can watch the full video below:

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