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New Athearn Boxcars and 3x5 N Scale Layout Update

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

I recently posted a video on some nice Athearn 50' N scale boxcars that are now available as well as an update on the 3x5 N scale layout project which is nearing completion. You can see a couple of photos of the N scale layout below.

The addition of a photo backdrop to the layout really helps to improve the overall look. The last main project to complete is the river/waterfall area. Then it will just be some last details and things will be essentially complete.

In the video below I also take a look at some great new 50' PS-1 boxcars from Athearn. These cars have crisp, sharp lettering, metal wheels, and body-mounted couplers. The shells are easy to remove, and in the video, I also show how to easily add some additional weight for better switching operations. The cars weigh in right at the NMRA recommended 1.1 oz, but some additional weight does make it easier to couple and uncouple the small N scale cars which are easy to knock off the track when trying to uncouple them. A little extra weight also makes it easier for the cars to couple instead of the cars just being pushed along when trying to engage the couplers.

If you are interested in picking up some of these great boxcars, a purchase using the affiliate link below will help out the website and YouTube channel:

Athearn 50' Boxcars: (Horizon Hobby Affiliate Link)

You can watch the full video below.

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