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Lionel Legacy SW1 and O Scale Switching Layout Plans

In the video at the bottom of the post I take a quick look at the Lionel Legacy SW1 and my plans for a 2x7 or 2x8 foot O Scale switching layout using 3-Rail Atlas O track. I’ll be collecting supplies for this layout in the coming months and then building this layout later this year.

This is the Lionel Legacy SW1:

I bought the SW1 from the same Amazon link since I had lots of credit, gift cards, etc. saved up, but other retailers will likely be somewhat cheaper, but might also charge more for shipping.

Here are some video links from the video:

O Scale Door Layout Videos:

My old HO 1x3 Switching layout:

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Here is the plan I’m currently leaning towards building, a 2x7 foot variant. I would use a 24”x80” hollow core door, and then add 3-4” to each side.

Here are a couple of 24”x80” variants. I plan to buy all the track and try out different configurations sometime this summer and see which one I like operating the best. Whatever layout I build will probably have craftsman-grade structures on it since you can really maximize the detail with O scale.

I’ll have latest track plans and parts lists on the track plans post here:

You can watch the full video below.

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