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A Tiny 11" Diameter Micro Layout

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A small N scale layout with a Kato Pocket Line train

I built this neat little 11" diameter N scale micro layout in early 2019 that is battery-powered and would be a nice addition to a desk or end table. The layout is built primarily using insulation foam board and sculptamold along with a variety of ground foams, dirt, and trees. In the video below I also show how I built a realistic waterfall using Envirotex two-part epoxy and cotton balls.

The layout uses 4 5/8" radius Kato Unitrack, which is too tight for most rolling stock. However, the Kato Pocket Line trains look and run fine on the very tight radius curves.

• Blueline Snail Speed Controller:

• Envirotex epoxy:

• Kato Unitrack:

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