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A Modular N Scale Layout

Updated: Jan 29

An N scale layout built from T-Trak modules

One of my current projects is a modular N scale layout using T-Trak modules from Masterpiece Modules (http://www.masterpiecemodules.com)

The modules used thus far are all the "end cap" modules.

I'm building this layout with my son, and he is making most of the decisions on track layout, scenery design, etc.

The track is all Kato Unitrack, and the sections are wired together using polarized plugs from old Christmas light strings. The layout can be operated using either DC or DCC.

I'll have more videos soon on scenery construction and we will be adding some additional segments with time.

Here is the simple design of the modular layout. It could be easily expanded, and individual modules could be redone one at a time to make layout upgrades easier.

Here are some images of a farm module that I built for the layout.

Here is a video on how the modules themselves were built.

Watch how I built a farm module for the layout

Watch how I built a river module for the layoyut.

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