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A Christmas Micro Layout

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A Small 18" N Scale Layout with a Christmas Tree

I built this little N scale micro layout in December 2016. The layout is a snow-covered layout surrounding a small Christmas tree I picked up from Walgreens. The layout is built on a small 18" diameter tabletop I purchased at Home Depot with the scenery carved from layers of foam.

The snow is a combination of plaster sprinkled on top of glue and water, with a layer of flake snow sprinkled on top as the final layer.

I used Woodland Scenics flex paste on the trees to simulate clumps of snow.

The track is Kato Unitrack and is a combination of 7-8.5" radius curves with an average radius of about 8". Short locomotives and rolling stock of about 50 scale feet and under run just fine.

The layout and the Christmas tree on the layout are both battery-powered, making it easy to display anywhere.

You can watch a video of the layout and how it was built below.

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