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3x5 Layout Build From Start to Finish

Updated: Apr 2

There are four main blog posts for this layout going over the entire construction process.

I put together a compilation video of the 3x5 N scale layout. This video combines the series into one video, with the beginnings and ends of the videos, recaps, etc. stripped out to make it a shorter view time.

There isn't any new content in this compilation video, but these big compilation videos do better on YouTube with non-subscribers in terms of total views. Plus, if you want to rewatch the series, it puts it all in one video.

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I really like the features of this layout with one challenge. I would like to make it wider, maybe 8 feet. I have Anyrail and the model. Is there anywhere that I could learn how to take this layout and add about 3 feet to the middle somewhere.

Brad Black


Excitedly building the 3x5

and encountered a big goof. What a disaster!! Very disappointed. Had the track laid and wiring. Used the recommended Great Stuff expanding foam and it literally lifted the 1/2 inch foam board supporting the track. As much as 3/4 of an inch. Will have to disassemble half of the layout to get it flat again.

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