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2024 Plans

A brief look at my model railroad projects I have planned for 2024. Plans always change, and I'll probably end up working on projects I don't expect, but I currently plan to start work on at least three to four model railroad projects during 2024.

My initial 2024 layout projects

  1. Finishing the nearly done 2'x4' N scale project layout.

  2. I

  3. As part of the same benchwork, I want to build a 2x8 foot N scale layout that will either be above or below the O gauge layout, possibly on a giant slide-out drawer. This layout will mostly be for watching trains run and for doing videos of N scale locomotives and rolling stock

  4. The first project will actually be a 21"x25" On30 micro layout

  5. I'll also build a 6" by 36", or thereabouts, Z scale switching layout of an Inglenook design.

  6. Try to finish my 1x5 foot N Scale switching layout in a box.

  7. Other random projects.

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You can watch the full video below on my initial plans for 2024.

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