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1’x5’ N Scale Switching Layout in a Wooden Case Sneak Preview

I’ve been working on a new N scale switching layout built into a nice wooden case that I made. Once I have the wiring finished, I’ll start working editing the video and get that posted. The layout will probably just be operated without scenery initially, but I do plan to scenic the layout. However, I’ve also been thinking about doing a modular scenery setup where I could swap out structures that were built on the same base dimensions (maybe held onto the layout by magnets) to allow for operating different equipment and changing up the operations a bit over time.

Here is the layout with the track installed and the first test runs being completed. I’m using an NEC Power Cab DCC Starter Set to operate this layout.

NEC Power Cab on Amazon:

Above is a side view of the case before track was added to the layout. There is a drawer that pulls out where I will store rolling stock and the hand controller.

And above is a view of the case when closed. I’ve obviously stained the case, but I’ll still need to add on some polyurethane later once it is closer to being complete.

Anyway, watch for more on this layout project in the weeks ahead!

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